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Cemetery: Italy, Casamassima

List of Military Graves, Casamassima Italy


The website “Polish II World War Military Cemeteries in Italy” and multimedia point situated in the 2nd Polish Corps Memorial at the Polish war cemetery at Monte Cassino was established thanks to the initiative of Association of Poles in Italy in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome. Grave database with search engine gives the opportunity for descendants and relatives of fallen soldiers to find their graves and get to know basic information (name, surname, grave location, date and place of birth and death etc.)

All data about the fallen soldiers was imported from databases provided by the Council for the Protection of the Remembrance of Combat and Martyrdom and from publications prepared by Fr. Adam Studziński and Fr. Marian Burniak. In case of conflicts of data entries, information visible in inscriptions appearing on the gravestones was given a priority. Descriptions of cemeteries and monuments are based on texts prepared by the Professor Krystyna Jaworska and Dr. Paolo Morawski, accompanied by publicly accessible open source information.

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