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Database: Index of the Repressed

The “Index of the Repressed” research program collects information on the persons who, after 17 September 1939, came under Soviet occupation and then suffered Soviet prisons, labor camps or exile.

Access the original database in Polish (diacritical marks or “accents” required): www.indeksrepresjonowanych.pl.
Access the database in English (diacritical marks not required): www.stevemorse.org/siberia/siberia.html.

The “Index of the Repressed” research program was run during 1988-2013, first by the Eastern Archives and then by the Karta Center Foundation. In 2002, the IPN Institute of National Remembrance became Patron of the project, and on 30 April 2013 reached an agreement to fully take over the project from Karta.

Initially, the data were collected primarily in the form of personal surveys, completed by victims of Soviet repression or their families. At the same time computer-processed information from Polish archives and institutions and associations operating in the country and abroad, such as The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, the Office ofVeterans and Repressed Persons, Polish Red Cross or the Siberian Association.

Data from the questionnaires and then also the source material from post-Soviet archives, obtained from the 90s via the “Memorial” Society in Moscow (Russian non-governmental organization whose objective is to document and disseminate knowledge about the victims of communist political repression) permitted the creation of a computer database “Index of the Repressed”, numbering approx. 1 200 000 records. This is called. internal database “Index” which currently use the IPN employees when conducting searches.

After systematizing the category of Soviet repression objective of the program was not only collect data but also preparation in selected categories of possibly complete, verified list of biographies of persons subjected to various kinds of repression. The basis of separation and the verification of such groups, ranging in size from a few to several thousand people, former Soviet sources that during the verification work was compared with the data of Polish materials.

Verified biographies containing basic personal data, the information on the form of repression in the USSR and the signature number of the archival sources, were published in the KARTA Index of the Repressed series of volumes (in the years 1995 to 2013 published 21 volumes in 29 volumes). Since September, 2001. Data oppressed people from previously issued publications and two unverified statements – the so-called. Ukrainian list (containing a list of prisoners who were shot by the Soviet authorities’ decision of 5 March 1940.) and the List of cases handled by the authorities of the NKVD of Western Ukraine and Belarus (ie. the list of people who were arrested and against whom the investigation was initiated in 1939-1941) are available in a web-based “Index of the Repressed”.

Since 2008, biographies were also entered into the Internet database on the basis of other reliable sources, stored in the database inside the “Index” such as: survey Personal, certificates obtained through the “Memorial” from archives in Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Ukraine materials copied at the end of the last century by the Military Commission on archival documentation of the Office of Information and Research of the Red Cross, the Association of Siberian Deportees and so on.

As a result of the work of the Institute of National Remembrance, the website is now available with an “Index of the Repressed” database of the, which contains over 316 000 records. The data contained in the database use: victims of persecution suffered wishing to document the repression, people seeking information about missing relatives and researchers dealing with issues of World War II.

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