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List: Evacuated from USSR (Polska Walcząca)

List with names and details of 17,919 Polish civilians evacuated from the USSR to Persia (Iran) with Anders Army in 1942.

Full document scans can be viewed online at www.kresy-siberia.org/hom/element/evacuation-from-ussr-to-persiairan-in-1942/polska-walczaca

The original documents are located in the “Polska Walcząca” collection in the Polish Library, POSK Polish Cultural Centre in London, at: 238-246 King Street, London England W6 ORF. Tel +44 (0)20-8741-7724. E-mail: bibliotekapolska@posklibrary.fsnet.co.uk. Copies were made available by Mr Tadeusz Dobrostanski of Melbourne, Australia and Mrs Wieslawa Kleszko, Secretary of the “Koło Indian” (Society of Polish Exiles in India) of London, England, and were digitised by Janusz Zajączkowski of London.

Originally published in the Polish exile newspaper “Polska Walcząca” (“Poland Fighting”) in London, England, as a series of 17 weekly 4-page inserts in 1943, issues 14 (10 April) to 31 (7 August). Details are provided of each person’s surname, name, birthdate, birthplace, and current location. These locations are primarily in Teheran, Iran or in Africa. They are organised in alphabetical order by last name, though within each letter series the names are often out of order, so an entire alphabetical section should be reviewed to find a specific name.

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