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List: Red Cross Polish Refugees

The list of Polish refugees residing in areas of East Africa and Rhodesia was prepared by the Polish Red Cross in Nairobi in 1943. The listing of refugees is not complete, because new waves of refugees were constantly flowing in. Often it was not accurate, especially as far as dates of birth. The dead were not included in the census, because frequent cases of identical surnames and first names could cause painful misunderstandings, and providing further details was impossible because of the list’s setup.

In addition to the refugees in East Africa and both Rhodesias, certain groups of persons were placed on the lists, whose place or at least country of residence was known. This was done because they were often sought by families located on the territory of East Africa or Rhodesia. Putting their names in the lists facilitated exploration and unburdened the institutions dealing with these searches. The names of people that were not within the competence of the Polish Red Cross in Nairobi, were only listed when it was definitely known that they were in the area. People residing in Persia and India were not fully listed, as the Polish Red Cross in Nairobi did not have specific information, who of them was in the country permanently and who only in transit. Under no circumstance should it be assumed the the list is exhaustive with respect to territories outside of Africa.

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