Teresa (Niedzielska) Sokołowska - Children part with their mother – Polish orphanage in USSR

Maria Skałka (s. Maria Lucia) - Fates of the families of soldiers of the Polish Army in USSR

Teofila (siostra Maria Dionette) Werner - Civilians evacuated from the USSR with the Polish Army

Teofila (siostra Maria Dionette) Werner - Recollections of the camp in Iran, 1942

Janina (Jane) Kulibaba - Leaving the camps

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Russian then Polish orphanage in USSR

Jozefa describes how she and her younger sister ended up in a Russian orphanage, after their mother and sister died in hospital. A Polish Officer found them there and took

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Uzbekistan_mother and sister die in hospital

Jozefa describes how the remaining 4 members of her family – her mother, her 2 sisters and she herself – were taken from the collective farm to a hospital in

Jozefa (Kasznia) Kapera - Orphanage in Russia where Polish Officer found them

Jozefa explains how she and her sister ended up in a Russian orphanage after they were released from the hospital where their mother and older sister died. A Polish officer

Czesława Grzybowska - Journey to Krasnowodsk

Roman Marchwicki - Reaching the Army

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Fates of the deported family

Artur Rynkiewicz - Getting food on the journey south

Explaining how he would have to leave the train at various stations, risking being left behind, in order to get some food for the others.

Artur Rynkiewicz - Wood for the stove on the train

Explaining how much wood they loaded into the goods wagon to keep the iron stove going throughout their journey south.

Jadwiga (Rzeczycka) Rybiński - Left behind at station

Explaining how she would leave the train in search of food or hot water, and how she was left behind at one of the stations.

Teresa (Pyrska) Kosierb - Uzbek Orphanage

Explaining what her parents did in Uzbekistan, and how they sent her and her sister to an Orphanage so that they could have more food.

Edward Moczulski - Joining Army

Describing how each member of the family had a function in the Army

Michal Cendrowski - Uzbek weddings

Describing how they would get food whenever there was an Uzbek wedding

Boguslaw Buchinger - Mother knew of amnesty

Describing how his mother knew of the amnesty but did not feel that she could take a chance to travel south with two children who were so young.

Stanislawa Teresa (Jakubowska) Pawlik - Train south 84 loaves

Describing how her father and brother-in-law organized the trip south, and how at one stop a Russian soldier allotted a loaf of break for each of the 84 persons traveling

Irena (Bolimowska) Tomaszewska - Life in Uzbekistan

Irena describes living with a young Russian couple in Uzbekistan.

Irena (Bolimowska) Tomaszewska - Bishop Gawlina in Uzbekistan

Irena describes how the children were dying of disease and malnutrition in great numbers, then Bishop Gawlina came to give the older ones their Confirmation. One girl died right at

Wieslaw Adamowicz - Girl and brother die on barge

Describing how they travelled for 6 days on barges on the Amudaria River. During this time, the girl lying next to him died, and he never even saw what she

Leszek Makiewicz - Ship then train

Remembering the ship across the Caspian Sea, then the train from Pahlevi to Teheran.

Stanislaw Kocinierski - Uzbekistan

Describing their life in Uzbekistan.

Stanislaw Kocinierski - Father died on the train

Describing how his father got pneumonia and died on the train heading for Uzbekistan.