Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska - Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska

Describing how her mother decided to risk going south without the proper papers, and how a Russian soldier helped her by explaining what she should do on the train. At

Bolesław Makowski - Reaching Polish Army

Describing how he reached the Polish Army in Uzbekistan.

Elzbieta (Komar) Watrach - Train accident_Mother injured

Describing the train accident that occurred on the way to Krasnowodsk, and how seriously her mother was injured. In order to board the ship, friends disguised her mother by sitting

Leokadia (Muchowska) Opioła - Amnesty Trip south

Describing how difficult the trip south was, and how many families were separated on the way.

Ludwik Hajduk - Mother dies in Uzbekistan

His mother died, shortly after receiving a letter from her husband saying that they will soon join the Polish Army. She was buried next to her son Kazimierz in a

Eugenia (Piotuch) Smolnicki - Tried to save bread for her mother

Eugenia describes how she kept wanting to save part of her bread so that she could bring it to her starving mother, but she was so hungry herself that she

Kazimiera (Gerech) Kolodziej - Army forming in USSR

Describing the train journey south to find the Polish Army, and her father’s enlisting in the Army.

Kazimiera (Gerech) Kolodziej - Finding father alive

Describing how they found their father wandering around, without any memory of his family. His memory returned when he heard his son call to him.

Maria (Załuska) Strońska - Prayers in Guzar

Describing how important religion was to the deportees.

Roger Scazighino - Orphanage to Bombay

Describing how his mother was convinced to send them to India, and their overland trip by lorry from Uzbekistan to India.

Roger Scazighino - Samarkaand and the Polish Army

Describing the journey south to join the Polish Army

Tadeusz Szunejko - Father disappeared en route to Uzbekistan

His father was unwell on the train journey south. He got off at one station, to get food and water for the family, and they never saw him again. Red

Tadeusz Szunejko - Playing anthem for Polish troops

Describing how he played the Polish hymn for soldiers at the railway station and they showered him with bread and money.

Tadeusz Szunejko - Reaching Pahlevi

Describing the scene when they reached shore and what happened then.

Ludwik Cytera - Written biography of Ludwik Cytera

This is the life story of Ludwik Cytera as discovered and written up by his grandson Christopher Cytera.

Dioniza (Gradzik) Choros - Amnesty and finding the Polish Army

Dioniza describes how they learned that they were free to leave, and how they organized the trip south,.

Bernarda (Karbowa) Andrejczuk - People dying on the southbound train

Bernarda describes how people would die and their bodies were left on the side of the tracks, with no proper burial. Her parents would not have survived the trip south,

Ewa (Borkowska) Mikusiński - Almost missed getting fathers news

Ewa describes how they were already at the station, waiting to board a train south, when someone from the farm came to find them and bring a letter from her

Irena (Chojnacka) Kuś - Guzer Junaczki Finds Fella then Persia

Irena joins the Cadets in Guzar and is assured food, clothing, and a place to sleep. She also locates her Aunt Felicia who joined the Women’s Auxiliary Army service. The

Antoni Stelmach - Leaving the USSR

Antoni describes how his mother decided they should find the Polish Army, so they headed south and eventually evacuated to Persia.

Halina (Myszak) Babinska - Mother dies in Pahlevi

Halina’s mother became more and more ill as they were evacuated to Persia, and she died on the beach in Pahlevi just hours after they arrived there. When she died,

Jerzy Wiktor Bockenhein - Grandmother dies and 10 year old sister buried her

Describes how he, his mother and his grandmother were all in hospital with typhoid. He was lying in the bed with his mother, and she was in a worse state

Władysław Niezgoda - Amnesty and leaving the camp

Describing how they learned of amnesty and how they organized to leave the camp, as well as the challenges along the way.

Ryszard Lange - Trip south and train accident

Describing how they made their way south from Kazakhstan, and the train collision that happened on the way.

Tadeusz Marczak - Camp in Siberia and then Amnesty

Tadeusz describes the work they completed at the camp in Siberia, and the how they made their way out after ‘amnesty’.