Ludwik Finkelstein - Ludwik Finkelstein

Ludwik Finkelstein - Ludwik Finkelstein

Bożena (Twarowska) Bockenhein - Sells her doll for a cup of milk

Bozena has a doll with her at the camp in Siberia, and the Camp Commander’s wife tells her mother that she will give a cup of milk per day to

Bożena (Twarowska) Bockenhein - Scene when train moves off

Bozena describes a scene that has remained vivid in her memory, of the moment when the train moved off.

Edward Michniewicz - Situation after “amnesty"

Edward Michniewicz - Poles released

Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska - Janina (Lepszy) Rychalska

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Fates of the deported family

Sławomir Jerzy Sadowski - Outdshoorn and further fates in Africa

Michał Ziemba - 10 Feb 1940 deportation, Tłumacz area

Elżbieta Jadwiga (Hebrowska ) Dudzińska - School

Elżbieta Jadwiga (Hebrowska ) Dudzińska - Children’s life in exile

Mieczysław Kamiński - JK – part I

I remember that there were wooden bunks, loaded up like sardines – children, the elderly. There was only a hole that was hacked out of the floor, to be used

Teresa (Pyrska) Kosierb - Constant hunger

Describing the life-long effects that the constant hunger of her youth had on her life.

Michal Cendrowski - Crying inside

Describing how painful it is to hold back tears and cry on the inside.

Stanislawa Teresa (Jakubowska) Pawlik - Life in Zytygara

Describing the conditions of life in this northern part of Kazakhstan.

Jadwiga Bukowinski - Friend brought trunk to train

Describing how a neighbour found them on the train and brought a trunk full of goods to them.

Irena (Bolimowska) Tomaszewska - Kind commandant at the camp

Irena describes how her father knew the commandant from the period of the First World War, and how he treated them kindly as a result of this.

Zofia (Cybulska) Adamowicz - Help from Russian soldier

Describing how a Russian soldier and his daughter helped them survive in Siberia.

Zofia (Cybulska) Adamowicz - Help from Jewish man

Describing how a Jewish neighbour found them in the cattle wagon and came to bring assistance to her mother.

Wieslaw Adamowicz - Uncle Ludwik dies

Describing how his uncle was crushed by a falling tree, and died later that same day, after his brother had carried him home. He may have survived, had there been

Joanna (Milko) Grzanka - Poem

Reading her favourite poem about the deportations to Kazakhstan.

Ryszard Krzysztofiak - Aunt takes 2 of them

Describes how the 5 children were loaded into the cargo wagon with their mother, but their aunt argued with the Soviet guards, saying that the 2 eldest were her children,

Bolesław Makowski - Sharing food in Siberia

Describing how people would share anything but food, and when someone did share their food, it was a mark of extreme courage.

Bolesław Makowski - the camp store

Describing the strange and limited contents of the camp store.