Krystyna (Kuchcicka) Tomaszewicz - Drownings on Barges

Krystyna describes the 3 day trip on a barge and how many people drowned, since it was very crowded and there were no barriers to prevent them falling into the

Stanisław Migut - Sibir

Stanisław Migut - Sibir Pt 2

Stanisław Migut - Life in Nowosibirsk

Stanisław Migut - Life in Nowosibirsk pt 2. Jews

Stanisław Migut - Father in the hospital

Stanisław Migut - Life in Uzbekistan

Jan Kazmierow - Sister dying on the sledge

Jan describes his sister dying on the sledge on the way to the Russian camp.

Jan Kazmierow - Dead Polish soldiers in deportation train

Jan describes seeing dead Polish soldiers in the open carriages after the train stopped during deportation.

Jan Kazmierow - The morning of deportation

Jan describes the Soviet soldiers smashing up pictures of Saints on the morning of deportation.

Stefan Halamaj - Deported to USSR

Stefan describes the Soviet invasion, being recruited by the Soviets at school as a trade apprentice but then being deported in a wagon to the USSR.

Barbara Witrzens - USSR

Barbara talks about her father following the family to the USSR following their deportation and then enlisting in Anders Army.

Antoni Goleniowski - Memoir

A typed/condensed version of my Grandfather's original handwritten Memoir